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Hi, my name is Pedro Fiadeiro and welcome to my blog!

I’ve considered for a long time to start a blog and finally decided to create one mainly for two reasons. First of all, this will be my place to write about things I do, knowledge I acquire either through work or my own personal time, a sort of journal I can always go back to and reference when necessary. The other reason, as important as the first one, is to share with others that same knowledge and my experiences. I know how valuable and important it is to have information available to help us when we’re trying to achieve something and if whatever I write here can help a few people, I will consider this blog a good investment of my time.

I’ve been working on IT for over a decade now, starting as a programmer but quickly moved into the Business Intelligence area where I’ve been working ever since helping customers understand their data and make better decisions based on it. I worked for many years with the Oracle stack, delivering analytics solutions in different industries. More recently, I’ve had a chance to start working on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and that’s where my focus current lies on.

This will be mainly a tech blog but I may throw in the odd topic here and there.

If you want to reach out to me, feel free to contact me on Twitter or drop me an email at